About Us

Proprietor and CEO: William H. Bradshaw, Dipl. T. CPIM
Author of Secrets of the Pink Kush
Resume of William H. Bradshaw

Mission Statement.
Our mission is to ensure that small businesses have a place in the future by reducing their costs and implementing efficiencies in order to compete with those who have economies of scale.

We are working on a business specific distribution of Linux which sometimes requires the modification of the Linux Kernel. Our goal is to build an excellent low cost platform for business users. Until we have completed this major undertaking, you can download one of the other distros in the interim. We can install the additional business features on top after base implementation.

Graduate Students.
Some are post-secondary or graduate students that work on special projects.
Some are humanists who believe in providing a free alternative to those in need.
Everday People.
Most are just everyday people, like you and I, who are fed up with a corrupt and expensive system that is no longer functional.