Our Services (Free or Paid Consulting)

Windows to Linux Conversion.
Our goal is to help people and small businesses to significantly reduce their costs and thus everything on this site is free. Convert any number of your computer systems to run on Linux to avoid paying license fees on software that no longer works within a productive time frame. If you wish to hire a conversion consultant, for a paid fee, then we can provide you with expertise for your project.


Business Planning
& Coaching

Planning, Implementation and Training.
Linux conversion specialists will help you in your planning to minimize conversion problems. Preparation for the conversion of your system and the path to success. Establishing goals and providing the pathway to those goals through planning and execution. Cost reduction plans, backup and disaster recovery, project management plan, budgets and any other plans necessary depending upon your needs.


Operating System Conversion
& and File Conversion

Backup existing files on our cloud system, create new Linux system and convert files to Linux format and find replacement software to run under Linux.
We will backup your exising Windows based databases and/or files onto our cloud servers, convert your system (software programs and files/databases) to Linux, convert your files to Linus format and then download the converted files back onto your new system and setup to run with the new Linux based software.


Business Services

Remote Control Systems Implementation
Distances are not an issue with implementation of a new Linux based computing environment. Using remote control software we can perform the installation and file conversions with ease.

Services Overview

Business Planning
Deciding how many systems will be converted, replacement software for existing licensed software, necessary file conversions, training, external interfaces and any other factors relating to a successful implementation. Plans will include whether your conversion should be delayed, phased or a hard cutover.

File and Database Conversions
Converting any files and/or databases from any format to any other format. This is a normal process when converting from other operating systems. Some special work may be required for some databases.

Software Selection
Selecting software that will be most productive for your end use and best able to run using your existing system procedures when necessary.

System Conversions
Complete system conversions with planning, execution, training and post-implementation follow up.